How to Enrich Your Living and Working Environment

(an otherwise missed opportunity and undeveloped potential)

I love language, especially the language of painting and print, but also verbal language, advertising media and the cinema. To attentively listen to someone speaking, the words and gestures, the body language and intonation, the repetitions and omissions, these all serve to indicate what kind of thinking is going on and this is important, because our thoughts deeply influence the kind of world we live in. Some would go so far as to say that we create our own reality, and in a sense this is true, our reality is as rich and stimulating as the objects and people we chose to surround ourselves with.

In my studio, I am surrounded by my work, I am immersed in paintings, prints and drawings at various stages of completion and conversation. A long time ago I was told by an inspired teacher, to ‘listen to the paintings’, to try and turn my own biases off, to push my own ‘likes and dislikes’ to the background, so I could give as much attention as possible to the work of art in front of me. To attentively look at and listen to, what is visually and physically going on, as opposed to listening to my usual stream of thoughts, the personal biases that they repeat, for a painting of mine creates the opportunity to think something different, to imaginatively go somewhere new, the potential to see and think something which you didn’t expect to see or think today, a playful respite or intriguing challenge to the usual pattern of your day.

In more straightforward terms everybody sees something different in my work. There is the play of the imaginative potential, as it ignites and expands in the eye and mind of the viewer.  I construct each painting to facilitate a multitude of interpretations for myself as much as anyone. I am not illustrating a single or specific agenda. All ambiguities are created through a combination of intention, painting language (its own unique qualities) and intuition. A lot of the time, I am painting from a point of rhythm and colour interaction, the sense (or non-sense) emerges and continues to grow as I mature and my brain absorbs more language and greater awareness of how my mind works.

All the work on this website is for sale. It is work that I have been hanging on to, looking at and learning from, but I now feel that it is time to find other walls for it to be encountered on by other eyes and minds. For me painting is both a challenge and an adventure. Most days in the studio I end up somewhere completely different from where I thought I would and that is the beauty of a good painting. Its ability to take the viewer somewhere else, even if it is only for a moment, as they see something which they hadn’t noticed before and then perhaps, the seeing creates a new thought or connection and the imaginative adventure begins!   

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